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"To see & hear Wayne's exciting, life-changing message LIVE in your next meeting click here"

Professional Speaker


When you have Wayne Pickering as your next speaker, you will get that special event you visualize every time you have a convention.

The BENEFITS to your Company or Corporation will be:

1) Less Stress
2) More Energy
3) Better Company Morale
4) Less Downtime
5) Enhanced Productivity
6) Life becomes a Joy to be Lived instead of some Problem to be Solved.

You'll also discover why so many people who adhere to his message have said, "Good-bye" to Allergies; Ulcers; Digestive Problems; Gas; Heartburn; Weight Problems; Low Blood Sugar; Sinus Trouble; Stomach Pains; Diabetes; Constipation; Diarrhea; etc., and have welcomed New Found Energy, Vitality and a Keen Sense for Life.

"All of which affect the Bottom Line!"

An amazing man with an awesome story!
Give him a minute, he'll give you a lifetime.

Nutritional Counseling

Let the dignity of your example be the message. You would never learn to fly an airplane from somebody who crashed.

Then why go to someone who studies disease to learn how to be healthy when they are the exact opposite of each other. If you want to be healthy, see Wayne Pickering for your nutritional counseling.

He truly walks his talk and has a passion to teach you to do the same, because you are truly the best you've got.


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