Health Article #19: It's an ATTITUDE, you CAN be Healthy!
I always trace ALL of it back to ATTITUDE and CHOICES
Health Article #20: Getting a good night's Sleep
let me share with you about a good night's sleep!
Health Article #21: Benefits of a Fitness Program for BUSY PEOPLE & Road Warriors
So get ready for a brand new strategy with information
Health Article #22: The New You
I talk about how the body renews itself.
Health Article #23: How to get PURE WATER
I want to talk about PURE WATER! And this should help...
Health Article #24: Fruits which WILL ripen after they are picked
this month's article about the Fruits which will ripen after they are picked
Health Article #25: A Healthy Way to Start the Day
When I wrote the last article on a Recipe for a Healthy Day
Health Article #26: Blending Verses Juicing
I am convinced that Blending...
Health Article #27: A Healthy Self-Image
I would like to center this month's article around a Healthy Self-Image.
Health Article #28: A Perfect Bowel Movement
Now I know you are probably thinking, "Mercy, what in the world is Wayne talkin' about?"...
Health Article #29: Newest & Best Food Source List to date
been concerning the list of food sources.
Health Article #30: You Are Healthy Automatically By Design
No matter where we are with our health, we can always get better, ...
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