Hello everyone and welcome to a new week of something healthy to help keep you around longer so a lot of lives you are making a positive difference with can enjoy you just that much longer.

Since this is winding down on the mango season, I have had so many requests to show you how to eat mangoes in a not so sloppy manner. Well I can end this article right here as there's no way I know of to eat them without some juice here and there. But here's an easy way to enjoy them. Stand the mango upright where the stem end is at the bottom. You'll notice that there's a flatter side of the mango and we call this the cheek. Cut down the mango to get as much of the cheek from the seed as you can. Then do the other side the same way. Now you have 2 cheeks. Peel the skin off the seed and eat that over a dish or the sink. Then a rule of thumb is to have some dental floss around, as there's always room for that when you eat mangoes.

Now to the cheeks. You can scoop the mango out with a spoon in bite size pieces and not have that major mess to worry about. I am producing a new video on all this plus how to select the best fruit and vegetables when you are shopping; how to store it when you get home and a few recipes to help get you on a roll with a healthier eating plan. But this should get you by until the video becomes a reality. Another plus if you are on an island or in the tropical south where the sun is very hot, I used to rub my shoulders with the inside of the rinds as it's an excellent source of suntan oil. It's sticky but if you're close to the ocean there's no problem here. Anyway, enjoy my very favorite fruit and the most popular fruit in the world; ”THE MANGO”!

By the way, if you would like some excellent sources of the best fruit and vegetables and other fabulous food, e-mail me and I will e-mail you back some of the bet food sources I've tried over the years and I stand beside them all the way. And you can have the food shipped right to your front door so there's always a way for you to have the best….ALWAYS! Stay Terrific and I wish each of you GREAT THINGS as you truly deserve them!


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