"A Healthy Holiday Happenin'!"

Happy holidays everyone!

I'm always asked when I do a seminar with the dietary principles I espouse what to prepare for the Big Holiday Feasts of desserts, lots of prepared vegetable dishes and of course the meat of your choice. And what can you do at this event to get the most out of the meal with the least aggravation on the body. Or what can a person do when they are invited out? Well actually there is a way you can sit down to the big holiday bash and still walk away not totally miserable from overeating or just eating the wrong things in bad combinations. This is the simplest way to do it and you can still eat those desserts and the mashed potatoes, turnips, vegetables and the meat of your choice! Normally after we eat those feasts, we usually find ourselves in front of the TV dozing off for a couple hours. Well check this out!

Usually we spend a good 2 – 3 hours eating and enjoying good conversation. Since the holidays sort of make us slow down with our busy schedules to get together, there's usually quite a bit of conversation to catch up on. So the time goes by pretty fast. Now then we spend another hour or so napping. Wouldn't it be just as easy to spend a couple hours at this feast and walk away feeling terrific? Here's a good procedure: If you eat the desserts first and wait about 45-60 minutes, then you can enjoy all the starches with some other vegetables. Wait about 1 - 2 hours before eating the greens and the meat of your choice and you will have a Healthy Holiday Happenin'! About as good of digestion as you can get and you can still enjoy all the goodies. Let me hear from you on this one! I am amazed at how many letters we get from those who attend our seminars telling us how much they appreciate such logic during the holidays and still not feel the least bit deprived or insult the host if you eat your holiday feast out! Notice it takes just about the same time to do it right and not deprive yourself of anything you enjoy than it is to do it normally and feel stuffed afterwards and tend to fall asleep to boot!

I always encourage my clients and my audience to eat the desserts before the meal, not because of appeasing the sweet tooth so to speak, but it's more physiologically sound for good digestion.

Next week I have an incredibly delicious recipe that will set the tone for the New Year. Happy Holidays!

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering

PS My 'C/D of the Week' is Fourplay “4”. What a great C/D! Excellent to work by when you are at your computer! ENJOY

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