Recipes - 1999
A.M. Recipes
Healthy Recipe #1: Mango Mambo Ice Cream
Cut up 5 whole Bananas into a mixing bowl and cut up...
Healthy Recipe #2: BANANA-DANA
And I got to thinking as we were in the middle...
Healthy Recipe #3: Wayne's Favorite
About this week's Recipe, I find that when a lot of people try to eat more...
Healthy Recipe #4: An Autumn Deluxe
One of the real important things to remember when you are eating Fruit is...
Healthy Recipe #5: 'Nutty' Pineapple Delight
I was noticing that pineapples are everywhere lately and I put together this...
Healthy Recipe #6: The Orange Blossom Special
So I got to thinking of all of you and thought wouldn't it be great...
Noon Recipes
Healthy Recipe #7: FARMER'S TOAST
Here's one of my Favorite Recipes from my "Combine When you Dine" Recipe Guide!
Healthy Recipe #8: Wayne's Luncheon Salad
Eating out at lunchtime is usually a bear to do to get something very nutritious...
So many people ask me all the time what to eat out during lunch...
Healthy Recipe #10: RICE
For those who like to eat some rice for the noon meal here's a terrific way...
Healthy Recipe #11: CORN CHOWDER
This recipe is an excellent transition from the summer to the cooler months...
Healthy Recipe #12: ROASTED CHESTNUTS
Now one of the foods that's in season right now are chestnuts.
Healthy Recipe #13: VEGETABLE STEW
I made this recipe last week again and I have to tell you...
P.M. Recipes
Healthy Recipe #14: Summer Squash "Extraordinaire"
(Ideal for an evening meal with your favorite FISH Dish)
Healthy Recipe #15: NUT BUTTERS
Nut butters are one of my favorite universal foods.
Healthy Recipe #16: A COOL SLAW
I made this recipe tonight and it was a winner deluxe!
Healthy Recipe #17: A Great SPINACH SALAD
The flavor of this salad is the best spinach salad I ever had and I couldn't wait...
Healthy Recipe #18: Cabbage Rolls
I have to tell you the holidays got a lot of things behind here in my office and I wanted to get this Cabbage Roll recipe...
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