You Can Have High Energy All The Time
Copyright (c) 1994-1999 Wayne Pickering

A lot of my colleagues ask me how I maintain such a high level of energy all the time. Here's what I do! I try to eat more energy gaining and less energy draining foods ... along with a short nap of 30-45 minutes each day around midday.
The energy draining foods are those that are white. For example: The processed white, sugary foods and the processed white flour foods. I try to keep in mind that if it's white, it's trite. Most of the good is gone from those types of foods. But don't they taste good? I used to eat because of taste and tradition and did it in haste and forgot nutrition.

So, now what I try to do is eat a lot of fruit and the natural starches, which are the energy gaining foods!

And as I'm eating fruit, I always eat it on an empty stomach and avoid eating the sweet ones and the sour ones at the same time.

A few benefits of eating fruit: it's easy ... just crack it open and eat; it's usually very cheap, especially when it's in season; it's so portable, you can take it anywhere ... it's truly "Nature's fast food!"

The natural starches are potatoes, brown rice, whole grain breads and pastas. Something I try to remember to keep me on track when I eat bread is, "The whiter the bread, the wider the spread, the sooner I'm dead!" Have some color in the bread!

Enjoy these energy gaining foods and try to get that nap in the day sometime when it's convenient and watch your energy soar.

From Daytona Beach, Florida, this is Wayne Pickering encouraging you to eat good stuff and you'll always be tough ... you owe it to yourself!

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