A Great Breakfast
Copyright (c) 1994-1999 Wayne Pickering

What can you eat in the morning when you're on the road or at home, for that matter?
There are two basic reasons we need to eat ... for energy, and so that our bodies can build and repair themselves! We know there are several other reasons we need to eat ... for the vitamin and mineral content of food... for the fluids... for fiber ... and various other reasons.

You can enjoy the energy type of foods at the beginning and throughout the day. The energy foods are the fruits and starches. We encourage all our clients to begin their day with fresh, succulent, delicious fruit that's in season and can grow where you are at the time. And, if at mid-morning you feel hungry again, have more fresh fruit, or perhaps some kind of wholesome cereal such as oatmeal or a bran muffin or two with some herbal tea. This will carry you over to the noon meal without feeling the least bit hungry.

For years I used to have coffee and donuts. I guess it was because of tradition. Then I got to loving the taste of it. As years went by, I found myself serving all my food on the basis of taste and tradition, and did it in haste and forgot about nutrition. But then it hit me! Just because there's staples of a population, doesn't give it any virtues.

So, now my basic philosophy about eating is very simple:

"If I want to be tough, I've got to eat good stuff!"

From Daytona Beach, Florida, this is Wayne Pickering encouraging you to invest in yourself by making sensible eating your first concern and not your last resort, and you'll never make a bad investment!

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