A Super Lunch
Copyright (c) 1994-1999 Wayne Pickering

What's a good lunch to have when you are away from home?
This meal should be the most satisfying and biggest meal of the day. And it's a good idea to include a starch of some kind, but omit the protein (meat, eggs, cheese, nuts or seeds) at this meal.

Now, what's a starch? How about a potato prepared the way you like it most? Or maybe some whole-grain bread or some quality pasta, or even some brown rice along with some vegetables. I try not to eat any raw onions or tomatoes at this meal. These foods make it too hard for the starch digestive process.

I feel a good point to remember about starches is that they should have lots of color in them. Starches that are white are trite ... almost totally void of nutrients. I keep this in mind when I eat starches, especially when it comes to bread ... "the whiter the bread, the wider the spread, the sooner I'm dead!"

The benefit of eating the starch at this meal is it helps to build that sustaining energy we need for the rest of the day. It's one of those energy gaining and not energy draining foods

From Daytona Beach, Florida, this is Wayne Pickering encouraging you ... bask in the miracle of the dynamically wonderful you ... with all of your special uniqueness.

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