Health - Why Bother?
Copyright (c) 1994-1999 Wayne Pickering

Why should I be so concerned with my health, Wayne? This is a question I hear often from my colleagues. What's the big deal?
In life, I've learned when our health is shot, nothing else seems to matter that much ... except to get well. And my single greatest discovery in the 20 years I've been associated with the healing arts is:

We don't catch disease, we earn it, as it stems from crud in the blood, from being drunk with junk!

My experience and schooling has taught me... The #1 law of health is: "Thou shalt not poison thyself!" I'm a great believer in "Things just don't happen, they happen justly!" Now, I have been so sick, fat and miserable so much of my life that I actually thought being healthy was something esoteric ... for the select few. Then I made my second greatest discovery when dealing with health: We are all healthy automatically by design and sick only by default.

I think the little poem I wrote for my radio show is appropriate here:

Most of us give up our health
In our quest for wealth
Just to spend that wealth
To regain our health.

There are nine things we need to do to maintain our health ... or let's say, keep our bodies disease proof like we make our cars rust proof. I'll discuss them with you in another segment of these short articles.

We, who are speakers and entrepreneurs, especially need to be healthy, as we are the role models of our messages. People always judge systems by individuals and not by the validity of the principles. Similarly, "The messenger is more important than the message." When you think of it, how many times has Hamlet been played all over the world? Why, literally thousands of times! But when Laurence Olivier did it ... WOW, do we ever remember Hamlet. But notice, the same message, just a different messenger.

From Daytona Beach, Florida, this is Wayne Pickering reminding you that we are all on the road to death ... I just don't see the need to jump in the passing lane. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF ... YOU'RE TERRIFIC!

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