Keeping Your Voice Clean, Clear, and Strong
Copyright (c) 1994-1999 Wayne Pickering

What can you do to keep your voice strong, clean and clear for your next performances?
There are a lot of things you can do mechanically, but nutritionally, we've found a number of things that work real well. Drinking room temperature distilled water really helps and I always eat a handful of grapes before the morning presentations and a raw salad before my afternoon or evening presentations. And I really try to stay away from all the foods that are white.

These are the white sugars ... the white flours ... the white rice, and especially the white milk in any form, cheese, yogurts, ice cream, etc. Now that doesn't mean you can't ever enjoy these foods again. I just try to stay away from them within 48 hours of a performance because they cause a raspiness in my voice from all the mucous they form. This tends to make me need to clear my throat a lot, which annoys my audience.

If you eat at the functions, try to DESERT the DESSERTS.

And try to avoid drinking or eating anything that's cold as they make your vocal cords contract and your voice is much more strained. We've found room temperature is always best.

All during my seminars, I sip room temperature or hot, distilled water.

We can know all there is to marketing and promotion, but our jobs depend greatly on the clarity, inflection and richness of our voices.

From Daytona Beach, Florida, this is Wayne Pickering encouraging you ... to stay happy, healthy and in control.

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