The Best Drinking Water
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How can you get good drinking water when you are away from home?
Many times I put into my contract that I would like to have a gallon of distilled water in my motel room upon my arrival for each day I'm there. But then there are the conventions I attend of which I'm a member but not contracted to speak. So I always ask at the front desk where there's a local grocery store where I can buy a gallon or 2 of distilled water (depending on how long I'm staying).

I've learned a long time ago, since being in this business of health, that the #1 law of being healthy is "Thou shalt not poison thyself!" And I feel it should start with the water or fluids we drink.

Some of the more acceptable forms of good fluid for the body, in my experience and schooling, are:

1) The juices of fresh fruits and vegetables (nature's purified water);
2) Steam-distilled water, which is so popular, and can be purchased almost anywhere. (If steam distilled water is not available to you, the next best would be spring or purified water), and
3) Reverse osmosis water - more commonly referred to as "R/O" water.
Distilled water does not leech minerals from your body as so many of us have been led to believe ... your kidneys do that. And distilled water is excellent for perfect kidney health ... and it's so pure that it's the perfect liquid for the blood.

Many of us travel abroad and are faced with the possibility of all the diseases from suspect drinking water. So I eliminate that fear by always drinking good fluids.

From Daytona Beach, Florida, this is Wayne Pickering reminding you that you are terrific and are the envy of billions of people on this earth ... treat yourself to the best, You deserve it! WHEN ELSE DO YOU GET TO?

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