Recipe: Pineapple Sunrise

One half cup of Raw, Unsalted Cashews

One pint of Distilled Water

One whole Fresh Pineapple

One pint of Fresh Strawberries

One Kiwi Fruit

One Mint leaf

Soak the Cashews in the Distilled Water over night on the counter top (not in the fridge unless you are soaking them for more than 8 hours. Then put it all in the blender the next morning with the Pineapple (you can cut open the pineapple when you start soaking the Cashews so you don’t have to fool with it the next morning. But the Pineapple needs to be in the fridge after you cut it open) and the Strawberries. Blend for about 30-45 seconds until smooth. This will serve one of me and two of anyone else. I’m such a glutton! But man is this ever good. Anyway, Take a Kiwi Wedge and put it on the side of the glass and put the Mint Leaf on top of the drink for a decoration. This is an excellent Protein Drink and makes an excellent breakfast, which is so satisfying. I have so many people tell me that this one is truly one of their favorites.
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