Recipe: Stoned to the Bone

4 Ripe Peaches

4 Ripe Nectarines

One half pound of Fresh Cherries

6 very Ripe Plums

4 Ripe Apricots

4 Mint Leaves

1 Kiwi Fruit

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I use Fresh Stone (pit) Fruit to make this salad, hence the Surfers name "Stoned to the Bone"…ENJOY! It’s an awesome treat and it’s so simple to fix.

"Stand over a large mixing Bowl and cut all these ingredients away from the stone (pit) and let the natural juices fall into the bowl along with the sliced up fruit. After you mix it all up, top with a mint leaf and some thin slices of Kiwi Fruit! The ingredients all fall into the Stone Fruit, as you'll notice in "The Food Combining Guide".

With all the Stone Fruit to make this salad, hence the Surfers name "Stoned to the Bone"…ENJOY! It's an awesome treat and it's so simple to fix. How many will this feed…..one of me, but then again I stuff myself with fresh fruit. One of the finest benefits of eating lots of fruit is it's totally clean with no toxic side effects, and the benefits are enormous. Other than stress, you can stay virtually free of disease. Of course I eat more than just fruit for the day but for the first 60-70% of my food intake is fresh fruit except in the harsh of winter. Then I will add more starches like Yams, Rice, Beets, etc. These can also be found on "The Food Combining Guide"!"
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