Recipe: Summer Squash with Salsa Sauce

2 Tomatoes (If you’ve never had one of Herb Fitzwater’s Organically grown Tomatoes, you are really missing out 904-257-6952)

One quarter Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

10 Leaves of Fresh Basil

One Tablespoon Minced onion

One quarter Teaspoon Sea Kelp

4 Yellow Summer Squash

2 stalks of Celery with the leaves still on them

One quarter Cup of Chopped Parsley

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One of my clients asked me for a Salsa Sauce as they love it and can’t get a good one. So I made this Salsa Sauce this evening and I was knocked out.

In a Food Processor, put the Tomatoes; Cayenne Pepper; Fresh Basil Leaves; Minced Onion; Chopped Parsley; Celery Leaves and Sea Kelp and let chop until a chunky texture…voila, Salsa Sauce!

Cut in one half-inch slices and lightly steam the Yellow Summer Squash. Then pour the Salsa Sauce over the top and eat the Celery sticks with the meal. This is so simple to make and oh so good. Enjoy!

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