Recipe: How to make Coconut Milk
If you heard my Tele-seminar on "3 Foods to Avoid and The 3 Commandments of Eating", you would never drink milk again. I must have had a dozen calls since and EVERYONE all said the same thing that they would never drink the junk again.

But anyway, I always have some fresh coconut milk in the fridge as you can do so many things with it and get twice the benefit from it than you could ever get from cow’s milk without a single negative side effect. Here’s how:

Get an ice pick and one of the eyes always opens easily and you’ll have to hit the pick slightly with a hammer to get the other eye open so the coconut water will empty freely in a glass.

Then put the coconut in those plastic grocery bags….in one rolled up, then another one rolled up and then one more rolled up. This way you’ll have the coconut in 3 of those bags. Go outside and take your frustrations out on it by throwing it on the driveway several times until it’s in pieces and then come back in the kitchen and open the bag to several pieces of fresh coconut all broken off the shell. Less than a minute I’ll guarantee you.

Now what I do is just drop the coconut pieces in some water to let the little pieces of coconut fall off in the water! Then I put all the clean pieces in my Vita Mix with the coconut water and 1 quart of water and let blend for about 1-2 minutes on a high speed and presto, "COCONUT MILK"!

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