Testimonials: The Food Combining Guide
Here are some of the great wins that people like you have had using The Food Combining Guide
Dennis Lamour
Venice, CA
"Your 'Food Combining Guide' has been the most effective system of eating that I have ever come across. I am 37 years old and have been trying to perfect my health for 7 years (since I had dysentery for 3 months). Since the first of the year I have treated your chart as the Bible and have maintained weight and have kept my strength for my basketball runs, and have digested perfectly.
Thank you so very much. "
Kent L. Albrecht D.C.
Morter Chiropractic Clinic
Manchester MO
"Our clinic has thoroughly enjoyed your charts 'THE FOOD COMBINING GUIDE' and 'THE COMBINE WHEN YOU DINE RECIPE GUIDE'. We have them displayed in each of our 6 treatment rooms and have many extra copies for our patients for purchase"
Paul Yanick Jr. Ph.D., C.C.C.A.
Woodbridge Hearing Center
Woodbridge, New Jersey
"'The Food Combining Guide' is an invaluable tool to help my patients. Without detailed instruction and nutritional education, they can quickly understand how to properly combine foods "
George W. Foster, N.D.. MT.
Hoisington Kansas
"'The Food Combining Guide' has taken the chore out of my nutritional counseling."
Gino Galantino
Brookesville FL
"The Food Combining Guide' has renewed my health and In 5 years I have completely freed myself from acute Thrombo Phlebitis.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Carolyn Jones, B.S., L.M.T.
Winnsboro, TX
"'The Food Combining Guide' is a Masterpiece!"
Dennis S. Reidmiller. D.D.S.
El Paso TX
"The Food Combining Guide' is so easy to follow and very useful!"
Rev. Spencer Burke
New York City, NY
"The Wayne Pickering Health Guides are the best I've ever seen!"
Annie Beaupre
Flagler Beach FL
Thanks to 'The Food Combining Guide', I have no more stomach pains!"
Beatrice Kelly
Richmond Hill GA
"Thanks to you and 'The Food Combining Guide', I have Boundless Energy for a 63 year old."
Dolly Cuter
San Francisco. CA
"We like 'The Food Combining Guide' and feel so much healthier and have lost weight. Our friends all want to know what I am doing. Thank you very much."
Loretta C Castner
Polk City, FL
"I've been eating pretty much like your 'FOOD COMBINING GUIDE' shows and I feel so much better and have less low-blood sugar symptoms."
Joseph Kadens N.D., MD.
Pres. Bernadean University
Van Nuys, CA
"'The Food Combining Guide' Is truly a positive approach to good health and is an asset to everyone that encounters it"
M. T. Morter Jr., D.C.
Morter Chiropractic Clinic BEST Research Institute
Manchester, MO
"'The Food Combining Guide' is put together in such an organized manner. It Is a tremendous help to us, to our patients, and to the doctors to whom we recommend their use."
Elizabeth D. McCarter N.D.
Executive Director Bionomics Health Research
Tuscon, AZ
"'The Food Combining Guide' proves a valuable teaching tool to us In the health care field."
Mike Bacon
Health Foods of Ormond Beach, FL
"'The Food Combining Guide' accumulates so much useful information into one guide that healthy eating is no longer a problem. It's popular with our customers."
Mrs. Hoover,
Redmond, WA
"My whole family loves your charts."
Sandi Smith
Evanston, IL
"I have your 'FOOD COMBINING GUIDE' and I feel so much better with the correct food combining. Your guide really has the whole food story together - combinations, hours to digest each food, etc. etc. This Is an Invaluable tool."
Jan Hill
Roswell, GA
"I recently bought your 'FOOD COMBINING GUIDE' from the Freed Clinic In Atlanta, GA. It has been a great help to me and my husband."
Frank Stevanus
Lancaster, PA
"For several weeks now I have been using your charts with outstanding results! "
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