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"Wayne, is all of this normal? I feel turbo charged … 1000 cc V-twin with a tank full of gasoline! I never knew this could happen from EATING. I love the high energy, motivation and will power. Your program made all the difference. 'If you get your diet right, you will feel out of sight!' … oops. now I am sounding like you!

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Lori Ann Lloyd
Orlando, FL

Pamper yourself and enjoy our Nutrition Information of Food … "The Perfect Diet Mini Program" (some refer to it as the Diabetic Diet) which will answer ALL your health nutrition questions so you can cherish a perfectly balanced body for life.

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You can find your BMI Index using our body mass index calculator to assist you on your road to weight loss and better health, and if you are counting calories in your free weight loss programs try our calorie calculator for counting calories you burned during exercise, and check out our pictures of stretching exercises.

Please as each time you revisit our 300+ page website I will endeavor to keep you motivated long enough for you to return to health once again if you have any weight loss and health challenge. I only wish I had known this kind of health information when I was younger. I was always so sick that life was a constant problem to be solved rather than a joy to be lived.

Now to be totally free of any aches or pains whatsoever and having an incredible amount of energy from sunup till sundown is such a tremendous thing. We work so hard all our lives only to retire and spend all of our remaining years in misery trying to get well and worse yet, retiring on half of what we were barely making a living on in the first place and then spending what little money we have left in savings just to try getting our health and wellness back. Well that's not what life is all about.

You're special and deserve the BEST. We all need to Believe in Abundance and Expect Excellence. I believe that with all my heart and soul. Thanks a million for visiting my site and enjoy your visit!


"You can only do good when you feel good."

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