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Includes 6 Full Months of Nutritional Coaching valued at $5,800.00

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Platinum Inner Circle Members also receive free all the Gold Inner Circle Membership Benefits valued at $3,337.17

PLUS a Personalized Diet (available with Platinum Membership only) valued at $1,495.00

PLUS "MINI" Marketing License = the rights to buy our entire line of information publications @ appropriate Wholesale/Distributor Discounts in Beginning Lots of 36 to sell as you wish valued at $4,500.00

PLUS 10% Discount off of all our Supplements in non-case lots.

PLUS "Beating Burnout" = How to be Happy & Prosper! This is a Dual Audio Cassette Album that's a must when you are dealing with stress and burnout in your life valued at $37.00

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If you want to be more productive, profitable, happy and well balanced then read on? Did you know that the United States National Institute of Mental Health reports that more than 20 million Americans suffer from chronic nervousness, panic attacks and phobias? Yet the problem is not just in America. A well-documented international survey showed that four out of ten New Zealanders are in advanced stages of job burnout.

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Canadian born burnout specialist Dr. Bob Boudreau says the New Zealand burnout rate is typical of international results being seen in studies all over the world. The Japanese have even created a term that, in English, translates to "death by overwork"; this Asian description of burnout is called "karoshi".

Yet, even with worldwide recognition of the problem, the American Department of Occupational Safety and Health is concerned that some employers AND employees are still NOT doing enough to deal with stress that leads to burnout.

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"Funny how most of us will put up a good fight to keep someone from killing or hurting us, but how easily we kill or hurt ourselves through our diets & lifestyle choices...

If there was ever a "Bruce Lee of Nutrition," it's Dr. Wayne Pickering of Florida. Wayne is a combat vet who KNOWS what actually occurs inside once we chew food up and swallow it. He's my personal nutritionist.

Once I got to a level of decency in fitness and Martial Arts, I noticed I was still "lagging" in physical energy and having bloated stomach etc., etc. Wayne's advice worked INSTANTLY!

When I go off the Perfect Diet MINI Program, I feel like crap. The Perfect Diet is always my goal and I feel like a million dollars when I stick to it. There are definitely no morning hangovers because of NOT eating too late at night and I certainly have less anxiety. I have also beaten the Burnout we all experience in our lives and as a martial artist I need to feel at my max especially for my students in my Martial Arts School!

Check out Wayne's site for his FREE STUFF that'll have you eating & feeling a 1000 times more healthy pretty much immediately (I'm not kidding)."

Scott Bolan, Platinum Inner Circle Member, Founder & Head Instructor,
Reno, NV
"Practical Self-Defense Solutions for Real People"

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"I praise God that HE brought you, Dr. Wayne, into my life. I'm glad I have your diet to nourish my body! I am now FREE of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). You are a God sent angel!

Also Thanks for your guidance and patience with helping me start my business. You are the answer to my many prayers and tears over the past few years. Praise God. Talk to you on Monday night.


Paula Kaiser, Platinum Inner Circle Member
Salem, WI

To order this Platinum Inner Circle Membership,
download and print this pdf document and follow the instructions on page 1.
Platinum Membership Questionnaire 40.0kb

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So where do you turn if you want to beat those burnout blues?

The help is here in this Audio Album! YOU WILL:

  • Learn how to balance your life so you can feel energized instead of victimized
  • Realize the 3 Healthy Things to do to be FREE of Stress
  • Find out the 3 ways to MANAGE Stress
  • Discover the 3 Foods to Avoid to CONTROL Stress
  • Learn some Fun ways to HANDLE Stress
  • Learn how to keep focused in a fast-paced environment
  • Understand how to stay comfortable with your position but still progressive with your career by knowing how to deal with rapid change
  • Discover how to maintain high, positive morale throughout the year while at the same time avoiding symptoms of burnout
  • Learn how to be mentally present at work, at home and in every important event of your life without reaching overload
  • Determine how to be more relaxed, accomplish more under pressure, feel excited about every aspect of your life and enjoy a more well-balanced lifestyle

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Total Value, which includes:

Gold Inner Circle Membership Value = $3,337.17
Platinum Inner Circle Membership Value = $7,295.00
MINI Marketing License Value = $4,500.00
Beating Burnout Audio Series Value = $    37.00

TOTAL VALUE of the PLATINUM Inner Circle Membership is: $15,169.17
New Members = $4,297.00

To order this Platinum Inner Circle Membership,
download and print this pdf document and follow the instructions on page 1.
Platinum Membership Questionnaire 40.0kb

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