There are 8 areas of our lives we need to give attention to and they form an acronym:
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Notice when we play a game of checkers we need to make the right moves, the right jumps, use good strategy and good commonsense, and we will win the game of checkers.
I feel if we do the same when we play the Game of Life, we will become a winner every day. So here are some of my quotes to help you become a winner every day of your life in all areas of your life.
Quotes to Live by
The True Secret of Living
"Believe and have Faith in your Creator,
Love Yourself and Respect your Neighbor!"
Your Goal
"Just be better today than you were yesterday,
but not quite as good as you're going to be tomorrow!"
To accomplish this
"Let go of Perfection and settle for Excellence"
- realizing that -
"Excellence is no Accident"
Our Attitude could be
"Believe in Abundance and Expect Excellence!"
(And when you refer to my booklet “Make Health Your Priority, You Deserve It!” you'll have a more detailed outline of playing the Game of Life!")

"Life is a Gift…so open your package and BASK in the Miracle of the Improvisational, Dynamically Wonderful You with the Magnitude of your Special Uniqueness"

Stay focused on what you want in life and criticized you will be as People are always down on what they're not up on!"

Now that we know how to play the Game of Life as a winner with 8 easy moves there is one area that really needs attention….our HEALTH!

"From the womb to the tomb, click here to find out how to be the healthiest person on the planet and not the wealthiest person in the grave

...Here's how to get A NEW START on Life
...The 9 Biological Requirements to be Totally Healthy.
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