"Distilled Water"

Let's dispel the myth about the proper kind of water to drink. My first comment is that we can't get clean water out of a dirty pipe. And when I interviewed all those Olympic athletes a few years back about what they do to maintain their health & energy on a busy travel schedule (which will be another article for you in a couple months…watch for it, it's a good one), one of the 3 things they all had in common was and I say this verbatim, “Wayne, we never drink the crap from the tap!” That statement has changed a lot of people's thinking about better water to drink!

In his book, “The Choice is Clear”, by Dr. Allen E. Banik, he describes Distilled Water as “the only water that is pure – the only water free from all impurities.”

Distilled Water acts as a solvent in the body. It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell. It dissolves inorganic mineral substance, acid crystals and all other waste products so that these can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body.

As Distilled Water enters the body, it picks up mineral deposits accumulated in the joints, artery walls or wherever such deposits occur, and begin to carry then out. Gallstones & Kidney Stones decrease until they can safely pass through their ducts. Arthritic pains lessen, as joints become more supple & movable!

Distilled Water has the inherent characteristics of a magnet which picks discarded minerals and with the assistance of the blood and the lymph, transports then to the kidneys for elimination. It is this kind of mineral elimination that is erroneously referred to as leaching. The expression that Distilled Water leaches minerals form the body is inaccurate, It does not leach out body minerals. It collects and removes inorganic mineral which have been rejected by the cells and tissues and which if not evacuated can cause serious damage.

Odorless, colorless and tasteless, Distilled Water contains no solid mater of any kind, no minerals, organic or inorganic and is made solely of the two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. It can be used as a drinking water, for cooking, for electric irons, and batteries, and is so pure that it is used for intravenous feeding, inhalation therapy, prescriptions and baby formulas. Enjoy a guaranteed clean glass of Distilled Water the next time you need something to drink and relax. We are all on the Road to Death; there's just no need to jump in the Passing Lane! You're special and deserve the best, consume good stuff so you'll always be tough!”

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