Recipe: Mango Pie

6-8 Large Ripe Mangoes

3 Bananas

15-20 Medjool Dates

10-15 Dried Apricots

5-10 Dried Pineapple Rings

1 Cup of Thompson Seedless Raisins

10 Dried Figs

I have so many Mangoes, I hate to see them rot and believe me it’s rare when you see a Mango rot in my house or even my presence. I usually scoff it up.. Especially with this recipe. If you want to add or substitute some of your own fresh fruits in this recipe, BE SURE to consult our Food Combining Guide Post!


Now the fun begins: Put the Dates (with the Pits removed), Apricots, Pineapple Rings, Raisins and Figs into your blender and blend well. It will seem like it will never blend, but keep poking around at it with a large wooden spoon until it just blends up into a thick chunky mixture. Now put that into a pie plate and freeze it over night. It will harden and then the next day blend up the Mangoes (removing the skins and the seeds of course) using absolutely no water. It will turn into a thick rich delicious pudding. Pour it into the frozen dried fruit piecrust and put back into the freezer for about 1 more hour. Remove from the freezer and put Banana slices over the top. Now shut my mouth! I’m in Fat City. Who says you need to count calories? NOT ME!

This should be enough for two pies by the way! One for you and one for your spouse. Nobody touches MY PIE! Ha!

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