Recipe: Sweet Potato/Pea Stew

One half pound of Zipper Peas
Enough Distilled Water to cover the Zipper Peas

One medium size Vidalia Onion (or your favorite Onion)

One half cup of Chopped Celery

One teaspoon of Sea Kelp Seasoning.

One half cup fresh Chopped Parsley.

One medium size Sweet Potato.


I usually go to the Organic Garden about once a week. to get what I want first, then I go down to a good friend of mine’s Produce Market (Lee’s Market on Rt. 400 in Daytona Beach) to get what I don’t pick out of the garden. Then I rush down to the Farmer’s Market to get the remainder of what I need for the week. At he Market today I found some fresh Zipper Peas, Black-eyed Peas and Butter Beans. Got a pound of each them, which will last me for the week. I only do this when they are in season. Well I tried a recipe tonight that was DEEEE-licious! Check this one out.

In a cooking pot, put about ¼ inch of Distilled Water with the chopped Vidalia Onion and bring to a boil then shut it right down to a medium heat. Then pour the Zipper Peas and the Distilled Water they were soaking in into the pot. Let it cook for about 15 minutes then put the diced Sweet Potato in the pot to cook for about another 15 minutes then you put the Celery and Parsley and Sea Kelp Seasoning which contains no Table Salt whatsoever. Let simmer for about 15 more minutes. I went down to the ocean to surf for about 30 minutes after I shut this off so the flavors could have a chance to blend well together. When I came home I was ready for something energizing. I put this over a bowl of Rice I cooked when I started this stew. Click Here for the Rice Recipe I used.

Enjoy this one, it is really filling. And most of all, highly nutritious and just flat delicious!

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