Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions


General information

If you haven't already done so, please look over the short description of how the affiliate program works. That overview will help to clarify many of the answers on this page.

How do I fit The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( Affiliate Program into my website or emails?

Overview: No matter how you integrate it into your website or emails, we give you complete control.

You can have one of our banners on your site as the link to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( products OR you can just have a text link to us directly from your main page, your "other links" page, or wherever you deem appropriate at your site.

We recommend that you link to us on your main page because of the exposure. For example: you could just have a The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( banner on your main page OR your could have us listed in your main menu (if applicable).

We recommend the main page because it has the highest exposure to your visitors, and of course, the more people that link to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( website, the more people who buy our Products/Services the more money you make.

Here are a couple of pointers for listing The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( at your website:

Placing our banner(s) on your site: This is the most common and easiest way to earn referral fees. Simply place an The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( banner on high traffic parts of your website for visitors to click on (banner ads are available on your affiliate login page, instructions for placing them on your site are also included as well as listed on the Affiliate Resources page). Please Note: You will need to replace the unique URL in the banner ad to the one in your email so you can start earning commissions for that product.

OR you may choose to put a text link on your site. You may use any of these text links on the Affiliate Resources page.

Topically-oriented websites: Most websites, especially those that focus on a particular subject area, will want to set up a link from their main page used specifically to link to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( In other words, with your selections on your main page (main menu), you would have The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( as an option. It would look as if The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( is part of your website, but it is really going to our server.

Magazine-styled sites: Sites featuring articles, reviews and interviews may want to use a different approach. Interviews with or stories about the author and course reviews on The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ('s Products/Services. Linking Products/Services in context is a simple way to make it available for sale; you could also insert a phrase like "(more information about Products/Services)" or "(order these Products/Services)", next to the title, and link from there instead.

For this kind of website, a "suggested reading" list might also be a good idea. For example, suppose that you include an article discussing health, etc. You might include a "suggested reading" list at the end of the article, including a link to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. (

Directions for adding a banner ad or text link are available on the Affiliate Resources page.

You may want to add a text link in your emails. You can add it to the signature of your emails so every email that you send will have it at the bottom of the email so you won't have to add it every time. There should be instructions in your email program about adding a signature. You can also just add it to the body text of your emails. Maybe preface a little about the product(s) you are including a link to. You will get affiliate credit for any product(s) sold through these links, too.

How will my visitors order?


In more detail:

First, your customers will browse your website and find the description of The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( that you have included in your pages. If your description catches their interest and they wish to find out more, they would follow the link to the information for the product you are an affiliate for.

This is where the customer can order directly online, through our 800# or by mailing in a check.

Once the customer begins to finalize an order, The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( ordering software takes over. From this point forward, they'll get complete customer service directly from The Center for Nutrition, Inc. (

We will send each customer the Products/Services. We will handle all of the financial transactions. Our customer service department will answer any questions or requests they have about their orders, including cancellations or returns as necessary.

As well, if you choose to promote The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( SubReseller Program, it can only be promoted as a two-tier business opportunity. This program is not a MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunity and as an affiliate, you cannot promote it as MLM. If you promote The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( Affiliate Program as MLM your account will be immediately terminated. Any referral fees not paid up to the point of termination will not be paid to you and will be property of The Center for Nutrition, Inc. (

Will The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( supply me with product descriptions, reviews or scans of cover art?

Yes. Interview and course reviews are available. However, we do recommend that you try linking to us by direct text links or banner links before you introduce reviews or interviews with the author at your website. Our research show this works better initially.

Can we take the order on our website instead, and just send you the customer information afterward?

No. We are solely responsible for developing and presenting our free tips and course's descriptions/stats, therefore we can update the site as necessary with new additions, new order processing options, price changes, etc. The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( cannot be responsible for any errors in your descriptions of these tips or products offered, by you not updating your pages as often as we do. We also offer a secure website which is essential in collecting online orders.

How do you calculate referral fees?

Referral fees are earned on each sale:

  • Every order placed through your sponsoring website or email with The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( online order system, through the 800# order line, by faxing it in, or by mailing in a check for the Products/Services will be eligible for the product referral fee for 1st tier (level) and the product referral fee for sub-affiliates = 2nd tier (level) for their sale.
  • Our Products/Services will be sold by The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( to your visitors at the same price offered in The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( main webpage. Any discount being offered to our customers will also apply to customers who follow special links from your sponsoring website or emails. See the complete text of the operating agreement for details.

How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site or emails?

We will provide you with a unique URL that you will use to link to our site. This URL will identify your particular "Affiliate Number" for us which we use to track your referral fees as they are earned.
When a customer clicks on the link on your site or email to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( product this information is placed on the customers' computer in the form of a "cookie". Every customer you send to us is "tagged" with your unique affiliate identification number. This number is assigned to you after you apply for the affiliate program. Then when they buy a product from The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( their computer adds your identification information into the order and you get credit for the sale.
If someone visits The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( through your link to our site and does not buy one of our products right away...but returns within 3 years to purchase one... you will still get credit for that sale and earn your referral fee as the cookie stays in place for 3 years. This is a very big advantage to you as you get paid referral fees for purchases in the future!
Please note: If a customer removes or deletes the "cookie" from their computer they will need to go through your site link to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( to get another "cookie" so you can get credit for the sale. Also if a customer goes to another site where a link to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. ( is and the customer clicks on that link, your "cookie" will be replaced by a new "cookie" from that affiliate.

How will I know how many of each product was sold by The Center for Nutrition, Inc. (

You can login to your affiliate information page where you can see your sales and commisions anytime by using the link in your email or the affiliate login link. You will receive an email copy of each order moments after it is placed (for your records). You will receive your referral fee check on a monthly basis (we mail out checks within 5 days after the 1st of each month when you reach $50 or more in affiliate commissions).
Note that most orders are placed online, but a small percentage are placed through the 800# or are mailed in.

What kind of income can I expect?:

It depends on the type of people that visit your site or receive your emails that contain a link, how many visitors you receive monthly, and how much exposure you give the link(s) to The Center for Nutrition, Inc. (

What do I do if I lost my affiliate ID number and password?:

Just send us an email requesting your affiliate ID and password along with your name and your email address you used to sign up with.

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