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Health/Wealth Special Reports

All Special Reports are in a downloadable .pdf Format only. After you purchase any or all them, you will be receiving an email confirmation with a link where you will have 24 hours to download the Reports you purchased.

# Title Pages   Retail
#1 = SAD Truth About High Protein Diets = 64   $37.00

You haven't failed at dieting, dieting has failed you! Sometimes the diets and fads that we get into to lose weight or for whatever health reason is really worse than the excess weight itself. Diets are something you start and finish and if “The Atkins Diet” is so good then why does the author himself encourage you not to stay on it forever? You will learn why people actually lose weight on this program. Diet is a 4-letter word and when you own this Special Report you will have finally eliminated the mass confusion about good sound nutrition and will be your best guarantee of living to a healthy ripe-old age free of diet related diseases! You'll be shocked with the S.A.D. Truth of High Protein Diets.

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#2 = 3 Foods to Avoid + 3 Commandments = 59   $37.00

In this Special Report, The Mango Man with his special guests, Dr. Douglas Graham, D.C. and Nick Nicholas, C.S.P., will discuss the 3 Foods to Avoid at all Cost and the 3 Commandments of Eating so you'll be happier and more fun to be around! “Life is a Joy to be lived, not some problem to be solved!” Discover how to maximize your energy levels – learning the difference between energy gaining and energy draining foods!

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#3 = 9 Steps to Getting Totally OUT OF DEBT = 29   $37.00

“Rich People Don't Work for Money and You Shouldn't Either. This Special Report will show you 9 Easy, Simple, Quick steps to be TOTALLY DEBT FREE!


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#4 = The Perfect Diet = 20   $23.00

“Dieting is a way of starving to death so you can live longer.” This Special Report will show you how to eat lots and lots; live more and more AND weigh less and less in 27 Days GUARANTEED being virtually disease free. You'll either spend your $5.00 at a Fast Food Place or $5.00 at a good place to eat. It's all where you want to spend your money. It all comes down to choices once again. You will learn how to make better choices with this Special Report.

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#6 = Make Health Your Priority, You Deserve It = 18   $23.00

“Growing old doesn't make us sick, it's growing sick that makes us old!” If you are Too Bold to Get Old, this Special Report is for you. You are truly a miracle and were never intended to be sick. Actually we are all healthy automatically by design and sick only by default. This Special Report is also chalk full of several poems we have written over the years.

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#7 = Food Combining for Health & Longevity = 22   $23.00

With this Special Report you will:

  1. Learn how to spell relief real fast!
  2. Savor Hassle-Free Eating and watch those stomach products that fizz-fizz faze out of your life.

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#5 = Why Do We Get Sick = 13   $13.00

More and more health professionals are becoming aware that their most important contribution to health care may be in the prevention of illness, rather than in the cure. This means, among other things, teaching people that the ultimate responsibility for health belongs to each of them.

In order to understand how this concept has evolved, it is necessary to become more knowledgeable in how the body functions, how many illnesses are created, and how they can be prevented. By self-education in the physiological processes of the body each person can then make more responsible choices toward prevention of illness or creating good health. This Special Report will show you that we don't get sick by chance…we get sick by choice.

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#11 = The Bible is Truly UNIQUE = 15   $13.00

There's no other book in the world like the Holy Bible! It's actually a 'miracle book'. Most of us have one of more Bibles somewhere in our possession so let's discover some of the marvels of this book we know as the Holy Bible.

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#8 = Benefits of Health Care in Corporate America = 11   $9.70

In this Special Report you will discover the Reasons for Employer Interest in Health Promotion and the Benefits of an Effective Health Promotion.

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#9 = The Bible Health Message = 9   $9.70

When you buy a car, it comes with an owner's manual. This owner's manual will at some point tell you what kind of oil to use; what kind of gas to use; road use; service intervals and the like. If you should deviate from these instructions, you'd get some disastrous results!

You wouldn't put water in your gas tank and grape juice in your radiator and expect it to run at top performance or even run at all. I'm convinced when we came into this world, we came with an owner's manual = the Holy Bible, which is full of information on how to eat and live life more abundantly, not deficiently. This Special Report will show you in detail the health message from the scriptures. It's not only physiologically accurate and the most logical approach to sound health, but one that was supported by God's own instruction.

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#10 = 3 Lessons about being Healthy Forever = 10   $9.70

Disease is the body's resistance against a cause or series of causes. This Special Report will reinforce the altruism that "the better you take care of your body the 1st half of your life, the better it will take care of you the 2nd half!" You don't Pay the Price for Health, you Enjoy the Benefits.

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#13 = Successful Sales Strategies = 19   $23.00

"Successful Sales People are the Economic Wheel of our Society."

Learn the Tip and Techniques so you can sell to the Masses and eat with the Classes. Discover the 4 Kinds of Salespeople; the 4 Components of a Sale; The 3 ways to Increase Sales plus a lot more so you can Sell like an Ace and Live like a King.

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#12 = The Best Rest for Less Stress = 15   $13.00

Everything you've always wanted to know about rest but were too tired to ask!

Without SLEEP, we would eventually die in misery in a very short period of time. Sleep soothes and rests the muscles, nerves and brain, which is one of our best natural rejuvenators. When we sleep it's at that time we regenerate, repair and prepares us for new activity. Without Nerve Energy, the Brain and body would be functionless. Vitality could be defined largely as NERVE ENERGY. This NERVE ENERGY is to humans what the battery is to the automobile. It's the Spark of our Existence. It is every bit as important to our health as air, water, food, sunshine, attitude all of which will assist us in staying well for life.

In this Special Report you'll learn:

  1. How much sleep to get!
  2. All about Sleep Apnea,
  3. Tips for a good night's sleep
  4. All about NAPPING.
  5. Why the intense interest in sleep medicine from a Medical Doctor?
  6. Where does rest and sleep fit into in our staying well for life?
  7. How to manage insomnia without medications?
  8. What is sleep and why do we really need it?
  9. What happens when we are asleep?
  10. What are the best conditions for Sleep/Rest?
  11. What's the best bedding to use? What about Mattresses & PILLOWS!
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