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Imagine ... being 21 years of age; having been 40 pounds overweight; a third bout of rheumatic fever and expected to die before his 30th birthday.

What do you suppose Wayne Pickering did?

He asked "What does it take to beat the odds?"
The Answer: Re-negotiate your self-worth

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He studied nutrition, theology and naturopathy (the study of food and exercise to aid the body's healing processes) and did, in fact, beat the odds. He now holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy (N.D.), and a Masters Degree in Nutrition (Sc.M.)! His wide healthy smile reflects a man who has come to terms with his health!

Today, Wayne is a healthy and successful speaker and consultant, who enthusiastically shows his audiences how to keep the fun in the living. His presentations have entertained, inspired and energized over 50,000 people in four countries, and has been featured at over 600 conventions, conferences, dinner meetings and training seminars

From the moment he walks on the platform, the audience feels his love and gives it right back ... synergism at its finest. He's heart-warming, vibrant and the incredible energy he brings to the platform through his stories, humor and jumping rope is memorable. A healthy man who walks his talk.

He is one of only a few health speakers who doesn't take himself so seriously as to alienate his audience.

Rather than "politely listening to just another wellness message," audiences enthusiastically embrace both his infectious style and valuable information.

Your investment in Wayne Pickering as your next keynote speaker or seminar workshop leader is incidental to the enormous benefits of his message. Your instant pay back will result in a measurable amount of reduced absenteeism; a rise in productivity; increased energy and you can enjoy a significant boost in company morale and loyalty ... all of which affect the bottom line!

An Amazing Man with an Awesome Story! Give him a minute, he'll give you a lifetime.


We'll send you a two-page Pre-Program Questionnaire which will tell us everything we need to know about your organization! And with your permission we'll call some of your key people asking them a couple of questions taking about 4-5 minutes of their time finding out:

- What they want from the presentation;
- What are some of the greatest challenges that they've seen in the last year or two;
- What is it about their job that brings them the greatest joy; or that causes them sleepless nights.
- We will need a company brochure or catalog to study your products and services to familiarize ourselves with you and your company.


Beyond Dr. Wayne's love for his career he enjoys life to the fullest by basking in the tropical areas of Florida either on the river or way out in the ocean on his surf ski (similar to a kayak).

He relishes the day eating the finest tropical fruit that's in season and he's in heaven when mango season is in.

He keeps in the best of shape with weight training, water skiing, jumping on his trampoline and surfing. The intense stretching routine and rope jumping style he has developed keeps his audience in awe.

Wayne Pickering
Center for Nutrition & Life Management, Inc
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