Health Article #1: Distilled Water
Let's dispel the myth about the proper kind of water to drink.
Health Article #2: How to Eat Mangoes
I have had so many requests to show you how to eat mangoes...
Health Article #3: Food Source List
Where do I get some of these fruits and other great things to eat...
Health Article #4: Staying Motivated to be Healthy
I get a lot of requests all the time to show people how to stay Motivated to be Healthy.
Health Article #5: Supplements: To Be Or Not To Be!?!
I am often amused at how many folks refer to nutrition when they talk about "Supplements".
Health Article #6: A Healthy Holiday Happenin'!
I'm always asked when I do a seminar with the dietary principles I espouse what to prepare for the Big Holiday Feasts...
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